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The Facts!


Trees -- may be fertilized anytime, but it is best to fertilize when the leaves drop in the fall and at budding time in the spring! Apply 1 to 1.5 lbs. "Ultimate All Seasons Lawn & Tree Fertilizer" or "Ultimate Lawn & Tree Winterizer" per inch of trunk diameter per year. Increased rates may be desirable on larger trees. Measure diameter of tree about 4.5 ft. above the ground, soak soil, then punch or drill holes around the tree to a depth of 6 inches or more (2 ft. preferable). Drill holes every couple of feet around the drip zone working in toward the trunk. Holes should not be within 18 inches of the trunk. Distribute fertilizer into the holes, then water liberally. Apply to new trees at half the above rate and holes may be as close as 6 inches from the trunk.


High Iron

High Iron -- For a healthy, deep green color! Eliminates Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) in grass, trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers.

CAUTION: Blow sidewalks & driveways with leaf blower or sweep before watering to prevent rust spots!

High Sulfur

High Sulfur -- The acid to help neutralize alkaline soil making the natural soil elements more available.


More Usable Nutrients

More Usable Nutrients -- Add all nutrient percentages together listed in the guaranteed analysis (example: 19+4+2+16+12 = 53% of contents usable) and compare! In addition, the balanced analysis of " Ultimate" makes all elements more available to plants.


Available at.....

"Ultimate" fertilizer products are available through local hardware stores including:

Do-it-Best, True Value, Ace, Sentry, TrustWorthy, Golden Rule Lumber, Priced Right Everyday & many other hardware stores, farm cooperatives & garden centers. If your favorite supplier doesn't have "Ultimate" in stock, please ask them to order it for you. Do-it-Best, True Value & Blizh-Mize Hardware have "Ultimate" available through their warehouses.  Ace and all other hardware stores and garden centers have "Ultimate" available to them from the "Ultimate" Fertilizer warehouse. You may also call toll-free 1-800-536-2720 or e-mail us at ultimate@eaglecom.net so we can refer you to an area supplier.



Mowing, Watering & Management

Never mow established grass short except when "over seeding." If over seeding, mow short (1.5 inches) before you overseed (best in September).

Mowing height of cool season grass should not be less than 3" minimum (usually the highest setting on mower).

Mowing height of warm season grass may be shorter if necessary as follows:
Buffalograss = 1.5" to 3";
Bermudagrass = 1" to 2";
Zoysiagrass = 1" to 3".

Mowing intervals should be close enough so you never trim more than 1" or 1/3 of total plant height each mowing.

Keep a good sharp blade.

Watering hints -- proper watering (quantity & frequency) is very important! To conserve water & retain elements in the root zone while improving effectiveness of plant food & chemicals, do not over water. A good moisture probe is an ordinary 8" screwdriver. We recommend checking soil moisture often (every few days). If the screwdriver can be punched into the 8" depth easily, it has plenty of moisture (except very sandy soil). If it becomes difficult to push the screwdriver into the ground, it needs water (from .5 to 1 inch). Morning watering is best! Soaker hoses often help water penetration near curbs and hard to get dry spots.

Aeration is an important function to loosen the soil for water & nutrient penetration. It is essential for a high quality lawn. We recommend core aeration in early spring and again in the fall if possible.

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