Step #4: For both Traditional and Step Ahead Programs

Apply in early November


CAUTION: Blow sidewalks & driveways with leaf blower or sweep before watering to prevent rust spots!

Lawn & Tree Winterizer 22-3-10 plus 11% Sulfur/7% Iron

No Pesticides

Apply 18 lbs. of "Ultimate Lawn & Tree Winterizer" on up to 5,000 sq. ft. each application. Most horticulturists agree that the most important applications of the year are the two fall applications. Early September and again in November is recommended but any two applications between early September and mid-November are good. These applications prepare your lawn for winter and help stimulate root growth. It will also give your lawn longer fall color and earlier spring greenup. If used as part of the "Ultimate" 4-step program, this is step 4 which should be applied in early November. Follow instructions on the bag!

Both sides of the street are now lawns!

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