Additional Fertilizers

Vegetable Garden & Lawn Starter Fertilizer 10-20-10 plus 17% Sulfur/6% Iron (10 lb. bag)

CAUTION: Blow sidewalks & driveways with leaf blower or sweep before watering to prevent rust spots!

This product is the right formulation for Vegetable Gardens (root crops) which require a higher level of phosphorus. It's also a perfect starter fertilizer for lawns when seeding or sodding. Apply 10 lbs. on 2,000 sq. ft. before tillage so fertilizer can be incorporated into the soil! Follow instructions on the bag!


Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade is a full program for schools, cities, and government facilities. Please call Ultimate Fertilizer Co., at 1-800-536-2720 for more details and to order Commercial Grade for your organizations.

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