--Basic facts about Fertilizer, it's function & soil pH factors.

*Why the ratio of basic elements is important?

  1. To replace or supply the nitrogen & phosphorus in the same ratio as used by grass & trees. Most lawns, trees, shrubs, bushes & flowers use 3 to 5 parts nitrogen to 1 part phosphorus. All life needs a balanced diet each feeding! Ultimate's 19-4-2 is 4.75 to 1 ratio of Nit/phos plus 16% Sulfur and 12% Iron.

*Why the high sulfur?

  1. This acid source helps neutralize the alkaline soil to make the natural soil elements more available for plant uptake.

  2. Studies & tests indicate it helps prevent some fungus types.

*Why the super high iron?

  1. Available iron (ferrous sulfate) eliminates or substantially reduces iron chlorosis (yellowing).

  2. Produces rich, lush deep green color.

*Why is pH important?

  1. Imbalance (either Alkaline or Acid) ties up many natural soil elements making them unavailable for plant uptake.

  2. A little variation in soil pH accelerates alkalinity or acid content rapidly. It is exponential in that 8.0 pH is 10 times, 9.0 pH is 100 times & 10.0 pH is 1,000 times more alkaline than neutral 7.0.

*What pH is most suitable for good grass (lawns)?

  1. From 6.5 to 7.0 (slightly acid).

*What areas of the U.S. are considered neutral to highly alkaline?

  1. Central & Western US including Minnesota, Iowa & all states west of Missouri River.

*How can I assure my customers are getting the most for their money?

  1. Guaranteed analysis and the source of nutrients tells the story. Calculate (add) the total usable nutrients in guaranteed analysis X (multiply) the total pounds in the bag = (equals) total usable elements in the bag. Even more important is the combination of elements to match plant need and soil type. "Ultimate" stands out in superior class of its own!



Pre -emergent weed control, Post-emergent weed control, Annual weeds & grasses, Perennial weeds & grasses, Lawn starter and Vegetable garden fertilizer.


*Pre-emergent --- means control before weeds & annual grasses emerge.

*Post-emergent --- means control after broadleaf weeds emerge.

*Annual plant --- means starting from seed each year.

*Perennial plant --means growing from established plants year after year in addition to new plants starting from seed.


  1. What turf pre-emergent herbicides top K-State research results?
    (A) Dimension and Barricade.
  2. What pre-emergents are used in the "Ultimate Lawn Fertilizers"?

    (A) Dimension - .107% which is effective on crabgrass 3 to 4 weeks after crabgrass germination so extends application period 3 to 4 weeks in spring.

    (B) Barricade - .370% in 20 lb. bag for 5,000 sq. ft. Barricade may have a little longer effective control.

  3. What post-emergent herbicide is used in "Ultimate Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer"?

    (A) Viper -- a leading broadleaf killer

  4. Is pre-emergent or post-emergent best for full season weed control?

    (A) Pre-emergent herbicides have longer lasting effectiveness (4 to 6 months with Barricade & Dimension). Post-emergent herbicides for broadleaf weeds are contact chemicals with little or no effectiveness on weeds germinating after applied.

  5. When can pre-emergents (Crabgrass Preventers) be applied?

    (B) Anytime before weeds germinate. Second application may be applied to extend the effective control of hard-to-kill germinating weeds. Pre-emergents have no affect on established broadleaf & grassy weeds.

  6. When should post-emergents (Weed & Feed) be applied?

    (A) Only when broadleaf weeds are established.

    (B) Only when temperatures are less than 85 degrees F.

    (C) Only to wet grass.

    (D) Only when no forecast of rain & no watering for 24 to 48 hours following application.

    (E) Only when you can avoid contact with garden vegetables, flowers & all desirable broadleaf vegetation.

The "Ultimate Step-Ahead Program" (cool season grass):

Step 1 - March ---Apply "Ultimate Crabgrass Preventer w/Dimension" or "Ultimate Crabgrass Preventer w/Barricade".

Step 2 - June---Apply "Ultimate Crabgrass Preventer w/Dimension" or "Ultimate Crabgrass preventer w/Barricade".

Step 3 - Sept.---Apply "Ultimate All Seasons Lawn & Tree Fertilizer".

Step 4 - Nov.---Apply "Ultimate Lawn & Tree Winterizer".

The "Step Ahead Program" is different from traditional recommendations. After started, this program includes (2) applications of crabgrass preventer & (2) applications without herbicides per year. These longer lasting pre-emergent herbicides make this program superior to traditional 4 step programs! - - "Ultimate" is a step ahead!!!

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